“We know most people learn best by doing. So we use a collaborative approach to training and consulting.”

Consulting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of organizations use your services?
Nonprofit organizations that want to “raise the bar”—to become more strategic in how they serve their beneficiaries, find new sources of money, and have strong two-way communication with their key audiences. Past and current clients include secular and faith-based organizations working in human services, behavioral health, anti-poverty initiatives, and the arts.

Do you provide consulting in my location?
NetMark provides consulting and training services throughout New England.

Who actually provides NetMark’s services?

  • Dorothy Paleologos, our principal. You get the advantage of Dorothy’s experience in business and nonprofit management
  • Judith Green, our associate in philanthropy, revenue development, and fundraising
  • Other associates as your engagement requires. Biographical information on others is provided with the engagement.

Who are some of NetMark’s former clients?
We’ve served a variety of clients, and information is available on this web site. For specific references or a deeper conversation, please contact us.

What are NetMark’s unique strengths?
Simply put, wisdom, experience and know-how. You want a consultant who will quickly assimilate not only facts but the core of your organization. NetMark will understand your organization’s needs and provide the durable results you’re looking for.

We know people learn best by doing. The goal of any engagement we are privileged to undertake is giving you the tools you need to be successful on your own. That is why NetMark actively involves you in all the stages of an engagement, and uses best practices such as case studies and workshop approaches.

What does the name NetMark mean?
NetMark's founding partners coined the name in 2000. It signified the company's initial business activity, which was the formation and management of nonprofit social service collaborations or networks. Today NetMark engages a network of talented associates who generate real impact for our diverse clientele of nonprofits.

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