“NetMark helped us clarify our strategic direction and energized the board and staff to put our plans into action.”

Jill Spineti, Executive Director, The Governor's Prevention Partnership

About NetMark

Four Reasons to Choose NetMark

  1. You’ll Get Results. Your objectives are at the top of our minds all the time. NetMark judges our success by how well the plans, processes, and recommendations we make are implemented. Plans are actionable by design—you won’t want to put them on a shelf. And we stay with you post-engagement to make sure they’re on track.
  2. Collaborative Approach. You’re involved from the beginning of an engagement—whether we’re developing a strategic plan, a revenue development plan, or a board selection. You own the final product because you were part of its creation.
  3. Proven Techniques. Clients served by NetMark have benefited from time-tested industry techniques and documented best practices. You can have confidence that you will achieve your objectives.
  4. Experience. NetMark’s seasoned team has provided strategic planning and organizational development expertise to a wide range of nonprofit and for profit companies for 40 years. Their practical solutions, judgment and wisdom benefit you. Quite an assurance that you’ll get the help you need from experienced colleagues.